8 Storage Solutions & Toy Organizers to Overcome Your Playroom Chaos

8 Storage Solutions & Toy Organizers to Overcome Your Playroom Chaos

Ever wonder why your child’s room, craft closet, and art cabinet are still in a state of disarray? First of all, children will continue to be children. Second, you don’t have dedicated storage areas for all of the things that come with children. Practical kid storage ideas for even the tiniest products, such as legos, pencils, stuffed toys, and diapers, can make a huge difference.

Furthermore, it is all too easy to spend hours organizing your children’s rooms only to have them fall apart in a matter of days. Although this failed attempt may be discouraging, don’t give up just yet. These kid’s storage ideas examine some of the most frequently utilized children’s products in the home and demonstrate how to store them sustainably.

Woven Baskets for Toys

Using woven baskets as a toy organizer and tossing loose toys in them can be a perfect solution when you don’t have enough room to place items away. Baskets are one of the most adaptable pieces you can own as they are great for concealing almost anything. Woven baskets are functional, and they can hold a variety of products and items.

Install Shelves With Creative Designs

Narrow shelves don’t take up much space, and they enable you to store books with their covers facing out. Because of that, it makes it easier for older children to choose reference books or display artwork and for young children to find their favorite stories. The honeycomb units can easily transition from toy storage to trinkets and trophy displays.

Toy Chest

Infant toys are typically smaller, smoother, and free of sharp edges. A simple toy chest with a lid could function in this case to keep everything in one place. Nothing should be too heavy to transport in and out, and nothing delicate should be unable to be stuffed into a large chest. Besides that, plastic chests are more playroom-friendly and easier to carry around.

Open Shelving and Cube Organizer

In a child’s space, cube storage is always a good choice. You will need a convenient place to keep all of their items. While smaller objects can be stored in cute bins with handles, you can also reserve books and bulkier items on open shelving. The open shelving above the cube unit draws the eye up and gives you a place to display your more adorable books.

DIY Rolling Toy Storage

Making toy storage under the bed is an excellent idea. The prime reason is that it is accessible to children while still keeping the chaos off the ground and out of sight. This easy-to-assemble rolling storage box is ideal for storing toys. It’s on wheels so that kids can get to their toys quickly, and you can use paint to mark the front of each drawer to help organize items.

Play Table With Storage

All children benefit unquestionably from play tables. They are both efficient and visually appealing, combining fun and usefulness. There are numerous options that you can find on the market today. All jam-packed with ways to keep the kids occupied and stimulate their young minds, as well as plenty of storage elements for when they are finished with them.

DIY Wall-Mounted Storage

Using all of the wall space to free up square footage and give the kids’ room a more spacious visual appeal is a perfect option. In a small children’s bedroom, wall-mounted storage units make it simple to set up a homework station or play area. Making open, box-style shelving and storage units out of old crates is a popular option that also works well in children’s rooms.

Include Under-Bed Storage

If possible, look for beds with built-in storage. Many divan beds have handy drawers at an ideal height for small arms, and many have sliding panels for easy access. With this, it allows you to place a bedside table next to the bed. This also eliminates the need to transport bulky storage systems. If the look of a divan bed does not appeal to you, look for a bedstead that is tall enough to accommodate small storage boxes underneath.


Making this new system enjoyable for your child is the most effective way to ensure that they adhere to it. Make it into a fun game or offer a small prize until it is packed away. You can help your child establish a routine by emphasizing the importance of putting toys away. Examine the toy storage options mentioned above to determine which system is best for your children.

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