3 GogoPDF’s Tools and Services to Help You Handle Your PDF Documents

PDF or Portable Document Format is a form of document that is usually used for sharing and saving electronic documents. Web pages, documents, images, and forms encoded in PDF can be correctly viewed on desktops, tablets, android phones, and other compatible electronic devices.

As such, when you share or send your reports in PDF form, the receiver will be able to access and read them on their Mac, computers, iOs, or Android smartphones. However, one of the significant downsides of a PDF file is it can’t be modified. Hence, it can be pretty difficult to edit or change the formatting of your document when it’s in PDF form.

But, thanks to the advancement of technology, web-based PDF tools such as GogoPDF are developed to make managing PDF files much easier and more convenient. To walk you through the good things this platform can offer, here are three of the tools you may utilize to handle your PDF documents through GogoPDF.

Unlock PDF Tool

Putting up a security code for your PDF document is one of the ways to keep your file’s content protected. But despite the security it provided, a locked PDF may also give you a headache when you have to open it multiple times at a particular moment. In fact, when you key in your password over and over again just to access a single document may consume time and can be a bit tiresome.

If you don’t want to experience such hassle, it might be better to unlock PDF before reading its content. With that said, GogoPDF offers a decrypting tool that can unlock your encrypted PDF file without installing any application or software. This web-based platform utilizes superior technology and cloud storage so, you don’t have to download or install any apps or software to use its services.

Furthermore, to unlock your PDF file using GogoPDF’s decrypting tool, all you need to do is drag the encrypted file and drop it to GogoPDF’s password remover area. Once you have uploaded the file, the platform will remove the security codes and decrypt your document in just a few minutes. After the decryption process is completed, you may download the newly unlocked PDF file and save it on your device.

Conversion Tool

There are numerous instances of why you need to change PDF files into another document format. Some common reasons are when you need to edit and modify your PDF document’s formatting or insert necessary details on its content. As such, GogoPDF’s conversion services can help you convert PDF files into an editable form of a document such as Excel spreadsheets, MS Word Docs, and PowerPoint presentations.

Aside from these features, GogoPDF can also turn other file formats into printable and email-ready PDFs to make it easier to send files via electronic mail or get a hard copy. On top of that, this web-based platform can even handle HTML to PDF to help you protect the HTML source codes you used. Furthermore, you may grab GogoPDF’s conversion services by just following four easy steps.

First, you have to get the file you wish to convert into your desired format and upload it to GogoPDF’s conversion area. Then, the converter will automatically detect your document to start the scanning and extracting phase. Third, wait while GogoPDF copies the text and formatting from your original file and converts it to the respective format. Lastly, download the freshly converted document and save it on your computer.

Compression Tool

Reducing the size of PDF files can be an intimidating process, especially if you’re not an expert when it comes to computer software and navigations essential for the task. Good thing, GogoPDF is designed to help you compress PDF documents through a simplified process. With this online compressor, you don’t have to download apps on your device since it uses cloud storage for all its transactions.

On top of that, it uses the latest technology to compress your file in just a couple of minutes. It can even reduce your document’s size to as small as 144 dpi while keeping all the vital features and quality intact. Moreover, you may run this all-in-one PDF platform through all kinds of computer operating systems and access its website through mainstream browsers.


With its easy to print, read, and share feature, there’s no doubt why Portable Document Format has been one of the most-used electronic document forms as of writing. However, despite this advantage, many users still find it challenging to manage a tamper-free PDF file. Thanks to GogoPDF, unlocking, converting, and compressing PDFs become faster, easier, and more convenient.

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