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In this technological age, access to information has become easy. With just a click, you will be able to have knowledge of the world around you. This free flow of information facilitated by the use of the internet also allows people to upload helpful information on the web. Hence, we see academic works, research, dissertation, and other valuable data on the internet.

With this being given, issues about intellectual property become an impending threat. Because of the easy access to knowledge and information, it is easier to steal intellectual property and label them as your own. One of the most efficient ways to protect researchers, academic writers, or intellectual property owners is to put watermarks on their works.

What platform allows you to put watermarks on your works?

If you are searching for a platform that will allow you to take ownership of your work, you have come to the right place. We will be introducing you to GoGoPDF, a web-based platform that will enable you to add watermark to PDF. This platform’s services are not just limited to that; it also allows you to modify PDFs and convert specific file formats to another.

Straightforward and easy to follow instructions

Convenience is one of the values of the creators of GoGoPDF. True enough, many platforms online are intimidating because of their vague and complex instructions, which is a downer despite the fact that it is a good platform. Thankfully, GoGoPDF creators ensured that the website is easy to navigate through its straightforward instructions and web design.

First thing you have to do is upload a file on the server by dragging it on the conversion box or selecting it directly from your device. Second, Type the text or grab the image you will choose as a watermark and position it on your paper. Wait for the process to complete, which is the third step and for the fourth step, download the rendered file on your device or share it online.

Swift processing that will save you time

Time is always of the essence in this modern day. You have to make sure that it is used efficiently since there are many things to do not just as an office worker, a student, but also as a mother, father, family, or friend. For this reason, the creators of GoGoPDF make sure that you will not take too much of your time in processing your watermarked PDF.

A watermark tool that allows you to personalize

You can go creative with creating your watermark to ensure that it is personal, just like your intellectual property, and that it cannot be easily copied by anyone online. There are a lot of tools In GoGoPDF’s stash that you can use to create your own watermark. More than that, you can use your own image file as a watermark.

Universal Compatibility to various platforms

Among the boasted features of GoGoPDF is that it can perform seamlessly across different platforms: devices, operating systems, and even browsers. This is regardless if that platform is new or obsolete, conventionally used or not. You do not have to worry about your device not being compatible with the platform since the creators already got you covered.

Customer data policy is protected

The primary purpose of you coming to GoGoPDF is to protect your intellectual property. In connection to that, the website also makes sure that your privacy is protected while you upload your file so no one would access it. The uploaded files on the server are covered by an encryption tool and are deleted an hour after completing the process.

Cloud Storage that will save your device’s space

Software, aside from the fact that it is expensive, is also a pain in your device’s storage capacity. More than that, it has a very tedious process of registration and installment. That being said, the software is not the best choice if you value your time. The way to go, therefore, is a web-based platform like that of GoGoPDF.

GoGoPDF uses cloud storage, so you do not have to consume your device’s storage just like software does. It can be damaging to the performance of your device and may lead to slowing down or hanging.  With GoGoPDF’s cloud storage, everything is done and processed online. No registration or installation is needed. You only have to secure a stable internet connection.


Along with the benefit of technology and free access to information are the risks. Therefore, it is important that you have ample knowledge to protect your online identity, including whatever information or knowledge you upload online. With GoGoPDF’s watermark tool, you do not have to fear the risks of intellectual property theft.

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