4 Bold and Striking Collections from Hublot

4 Bold and Striking Collections from Hublot

Founded in 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland, Hublot is a trailblazer of luxury watches. Perfecting the art of watchmaking and excellently combining design with craftsmanship in a skill known as the ‘Art of Fusion.’ With many great qualities worth boasting, Hublot has got to be one of the best luxury watch brands in the market. 

Setting many standards for luxury watches and conquering the watch world with their innovative and attractive watches, Hublot has a significant number of collections worthy of their praise and recognition. With that being said, here are four watch collections from Hublot that are guaranteed to amaze anyone that comes across them. 

Hublot Big Bang

Unveiled in 2005 at Basel, Switzerland, the Hublot Big Bang collection introduced a new and modern design to the luxury watch market. This watch collection won Best Design at Grand Prix d’Horologie de Geneve, further increasing its popularity. This popularity has increased interest and has made watches from this collection highly sought after. 

The Hublot Big Bang collection, since its release in 2005, had three new additions to it in 2015 in honor of its 10th anniversary. Not only did this watch collection bring a new and fresh design to the luxury watch community, but its watches are also an excellent amalgamation of sleek and innovative design as well as immense utility. 

Hublot Classic Fusion 

Featuring watches with a classy and low-key design, timepieces from the Hublot Classic Fusion collection are the perfect design for everybody. Released in 2010, this watch collection gives off the same premium and luxury feel that timepieces from the Big Bang collection have. 

Featuring an elegant, classic, and timeless look that every timepiece ought to have, the Classic Fusion collection watches are indeed an excellent fusion of traditional and modern design. Not only are the designs pleasing to the eyes, but the quality of these watches is also as premium as can be. Overall, this watch collection is excellent. 

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang 

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang features a unique shape. With the timepieces from this collection having a barrel-shaped face, all of these watches retain the premium and luxury feel of watches from the Big Bang collection. Characteristic of any Hublot watch, Spirit of Big Bang watches look good and feel good. 

With a design that is as unique as it is timeless, watches from this collection are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for each and every individual’s wrist. In addition to this, Hublot Spirit of Big Bang watches are guaranteed to be precise when it comes to time-telling and suitable for any given occasion, making it all the more valuable. 

Hublot King Power

As the name suggests, watches from this collection exude power and authority. With a design bolder than ever, this collection features a daring and dauntless design guaranteed to suit anyone and everyone. Like the collections mentioned above, this collection has more to offer than its aesthetics and design. 

This collection features designs that are distinct and dashing but at the same time clean and classy. These watches have great design and are incredibly reliable as well as practical. Watches from this collection have excellent craftsmanship and are very well-made, making purchases extremely worth it. 

Why Hublot? 

Though the general consensus is that age comes with skill and wisdom, Hublot proves this statement wrong. Compared to other luxury watch brands, Hublot is much younger. However, this did not stop Hublot from building a stellar reputation for themselves as a watch brand by providing the world with fine watchmaking and sleek designs. 

This company’s innovations and boldness when it comes to designing and making watches give Hublot watches the look and feel unique to Hublot watches. Furthermore, every person is guaranteed to find something they want in Hublot. All these qualities ensure that each purchase from Hublot is highly worth the time and money. 


As time passes, more and more luxury watch brands come and go. As such, people who are new to the watch scene may be confused as to which watches are worth it and which watches are not. Hublot’s products and services are guaranteed to be the best of the best. As such, each purchase from this watch brand is guaranteed to be outstanding and excellent. 

With fine craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and excellent designs, Hublot has got to be one of the best watch brands in the market today. Its watch collections stand as testimony to Hublot’s greatness as a luxury watch brand, perfectly embodying the Hublot brand’s bold and striking nature. 

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