5 Things To Do In Amazing Athens

5 Things To Do In Amazing Athens

It’s difficult to think of a place more renowned for its history, art, and culture than Athens. Bursting at the seams with iconic landmarks, archaeology, and temples, it’s impossible to run out of things to do. There is something for everyone in Greece’s capital, home to Zeus, Icarus, and Hercules. Check out our top five things to do whilst you’re there.

1. Tour The Acropolis

Take a guided tour of Athens’s most famous architecture at the Acropolis. Whilst there, visit the Parthenon. Built around 450 BC, on the highest ground in Athens, created to house the Greek Treasury and also the amazing statue of Goddess Athena, who the temple is dedicated too. Be sure to wear comfy shoes as there is a lot of ground to cover!

2. Take A Day Trip

Athens is stunning but so are the surrounding areas. Take a trip on one of the boats in Athens to explore the islands scattered around the mainland. Try Santorini or Mykonos if you’re after some luxurious glamour, Kefalonia for some traditional, sleepy Greek villages, or Gidaki on the island of Ithaca for the perfect beach day. with crystal-clear waters.

3. Race At The Panathenaic Stadium

Home to the first-ever modern Olympics, the stadium is a must for any sports fan. Take part in an audio tour to learn about the rich history of the site and how it’s become an integral part of the games, even to this day. Every four years, the torch is carried from Olympia to the stadium and handed over to that year’s host country. There is also a museum to check out historical artifacts from previous games with ancient torches among the treasures.

4. Eat, Drink And Be Merry!

An essential part of Greek culture is the food and Athens provides the very best. If you’re a total foodie, check out the local tavernas for some slow-roasted Kleftiko, so tender it drops right off the bone. If meat isn’t your thing, olives, cheese and vegetables are aplenty so tuck in and enjoy the delicious fresh foods that Athens has to offer. Any wine buffs will love the Retsina and Assyrtiko made locally, or why not try some Ouzo if you’re wanting something a little stronger. The anise aperitif is the perfect drink to sip whilst watching the sun go down.

5. Laze At Lake Vouliagmeni

A beautiful lake hidden within the depths of craggy cliffs, Vouliagmeni is the perfect place to take a dip or a hot, sunny day. The water stays around 25 degrees all year round and is said to have healing powers. Full of minerals, the water softens skin and offers relief from medical issues such as Dermatitis and Arthritis, amongst others. If you’re more of a land fan than a water baby, the surrounding terrain is fantastic for hiking and exploring. Just be sure to take your sunscreen!

Are you heading to Athens this year? Which places will you tick off the list? Let us know in the comments!

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