6 Quiet Vacation Spots for Introverts

Everyone deserves a relaxing vacation every once in awhile. Check out these six quiet vacation spots for introverts for a calm trip.

6 Quiet Vacation Spots for Introverts

Did you know that up to 40% of the population are introverts?

Clearly, there’s a lot of people out there who prefer the quieter side of life!

You’re more likely to find these guys curled up with a book than partying the night away. They’re the happily-introspective ‘silent-types’, who, unlike extraverts, enjoy their own company more than mass gatherings.

As you might imagine, being an introvert has an impact on many aspects of life- including the best places to take a vacation! Are you an introvert on the hunt for quiet vacation spots to take a break?

Well, we can help. We’ve ruled out the party buses, looked past the booze cruises, and sought out the best introvert-friendly destination out there. Sound good?

Read on for 6 quiet and relaxing places to visit for introverts in need of a vacation.

1. Stunning Sedona in Arizona

Any introvert who likes to spend time alone in nature will love Sedona.

With endless expanses of stunning mountain ranges and open desert around, it’s the perfect spot for some solitude. There are rock formations to visit, lakes to lounge around, and heaps of hiking opportunities scattered here.

Take a pensive walk up a mountain for sunset, find the nearest hot springs to soak in, or pay for a hot air balloon ride to see the sights from on high.

None of those ideas take your fancy? Well, you could while away your time in town instead. Well known as a wellness hotspot, you could go and get a massage, head out on retreat, or spend a day in the spa.

2. The Beautiful Banff National Park in Canada

Here’s another incredible option for any nature-loving introverts out there.

Banff National Park is internationally-renowned for its natural beauty and diversity. You’d be spending time next to the Rocky Mountains, with all the wildlife, glacial lakes, and picturesque mountain villages you could ask for.

As you can imagine, the outdoor opportunities here are second to none. Introverts are sure to love the hiking trails and canoeing in summer. Then, when winter comes around, you can ski and snowboard until your heart’s content.

With endless space around you, few places are better for finding some peace and quiet! And, if Banff itself is too touristic for you, simply venture further northward. You’ll soon find all the seclusion anybody could ever need.

3. Sumptuous Slovenia in Eastern Europe

Fancy heading a little further afield on your next vacation?

Well, why not venture over to Slovenia, in the eastern reaches of Europe?

It boasts a unique culture, bountiful natural beauty, friendly locals, and fairy tale towns. All told, it’s an enviable destination for anybody!

However, Slovenia remains somewhat undiscovered, which makes it ideal for introverts. Off the major European tourist trail, you’ll get to enjoy it without the usual hustle and bustle.

You’ll enjoy the added bonus of budget prices too.

Eastern Europe is an ideal destination for any introvert with frugality in mind. A healthy exchange rate and discount prices would make anywhere here, including Slovenia, a cheap and cheerful place to explore.

4. Intriguing Iceland in Europe

Introverts on the hunt for adventure should head straight to Iceland!

This impressive European destination offers remote landscapes, unique attractions, and unparalleled opportunities to spend time in your own company.

Most of the incentives to visit Iceland relate to its immense natural beauty and diversity. There are thermal springs (avoid the Blue Lagoon if you want to avoid the crowds), giant waterfalls, and winding highways to explore all by yourself.

One somewhat ‘extraverted’ activity you could try is to hike on the glaciers here. It’s a tour like any other, meaning lots of other excitable people! However, for the chance to set foot on these immense natural wonders, it’s arguably worth the sacrifice.

5. Happening Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is a hugely popular backpacker destination in South East Asia.

But don’t be put off! Though certain parts of the country (such as Ho Chi Minh City) might be a little hectic for some introverts’ tastes, Hoi An is the total opposite.

Located on the eastern side of the country, this place has a unique, chilled-out atmosphere that you’re sure to love. First built by the Chinese over 1000 years ago, it’s now renowned for its relaxed, lantern-lit riverside location.

Honestly, there’s no shortage of things to do here for any self-proclaimed introvert. Head out onto the peaceful river, walk through the lush rice paddies, cycle through the ancient streets, or read a book on the beach. You’ll love the friendly people, the exotic markets, and mouth-watering Vietnamese food.

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6. The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are ideal for anybody looking for true peace and quiet.

We won’t lie, this Ecuadorian archipelago is a mission to get to- and tours don’t come cheap. However, that’s why this is such a top destination for introverts! The Galapagos Islands are virtually devoid of human activity and relatively few tourists make their way here.

A haven for nature and wildlife lovers, you’ll observe unique natural habitats and otherworldly landscapes. Get ready to channel your inner Charles Darwin in one of the most impressive examples of unspoiled fauna and flora in the world.

Enjoy These Quiet Vacation Spots

Being introverted is to prefer the quieter side of life! And that, among other things, means that certain holiday destinations are better than others.

Big, busy, bustling tourist destinations are far from ideal. In need of a bit more solitude, it’s the quiet vacation spots that tend to be better.

Hopefully, the vacation options we’ve suggested in this post will help you have the best trip possible. Keep them in mind for destinations filled with oodles of natural beauty, endless room for individual adventures, and the all-important peace and quiet!

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