Taking a Singapore Tour – How Many Days Do You Need?

Taking a Singapore Tour – How Many Days Do You Need?

If it’s your first time visiting Singapore, you might be wondering about the number of days you will need to experience all of the great things you have heard about the Lion City. Many people do not know how long it will take them to visit the zoo, head to Sentosa beach, shop in the world-class malls, experience the Marina beach complex, and have fun in Singapore night clubs.

According to travel experts, three days are enough to visit all of the main attractions and activities, although one can take as many days as they want. On the other hand, some people say that this is a rush and feel that a five to eight day tour is the ideal length.

To try to answer this question correctly, let us look at the most common things to do in Singapore and how long it will take you.

The Best Time to Visit Singapore

The Lion City can be visited at any time of the year. The tropical climate is hot and humid and it rains at any time of the year without any warning. If you want to enjoy the food festival, then choose the mid-year, but the climax of fun is in December when many people are enjoying their vacations.

If you are visiting Singapore with your family, you need to acquire your Singapore visa early to avoid a last-minute rush. Also, book the accommodation and air tickets early for a smoother time.

Three-Day Itinerary in Singapore

If you have no option other than to be in Singapore for only three days, plan to engage in the following activities:

Day 1 – Visit the Jewel, which is a new incredible mall that is adjacent to Changi international airport. Before you can retire to your hotel, take a half-day city tour by bus to see interesting things in Singapore.

Day 2 – This should be your most active day. It is best to spend your morning at the Singapore Zoo where you will see animals and plants from different parts of the world. It is also here that you will enjoy breakfast with the famous Singapore orangutans.

Take the best part of the day enjoying yourself at the Marina Bay complex. Here, you can head along the sandy area, visit the Gardens by the Bay, and then wind up by getting drinks at the infinity pool at the rooftop of the famous Marina Bay Casino.

Day 3 – It is best to reserve this day for the Sentosa Island tour. Usually, it a whole day tour full of fun at the busy beach. If possible, make sure that you have engaged in some water activities and enjoyed local seafood cuisine at one of the local eateries. If you have time in the evening, spend this time shopping for things to take home in one of their famous shopping malls.


If you have more days to explore Singapore, other places you can visit include Universal Studios Singapore, the Singapore Flyer, hiking in the forests, the River Safari, Chinatown, Little India, and museums, among others. But with what we have shared above, you will still have a lot of fun.

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