The Best Way to See Iceland is by Horse – Here is Why!

Icelandic horses

Are you planning to visit Iceland after the COVID-19 pandemic has been eradicated? Well, you are not alone because this is a scenic destination that gives a post-apocalyptic feeling and many people would like to experience. Whether you are lucky enough to be here during the short summer or visit during the regular winter season, the vacation will be incredible.

But there is one thing that you need to know – an Icelandic tour is only perfect when horses are used. They have a special breed of Icelandic horses that are small, friendly, and you can rarely find them anywhere else. Let us dive more into the reasons why Icelandic tour should be done using a horse and not anything else.

It is the Culture

Icelandic people have kept horses and used them for transport for centuries. It is part of their culture to traverse the volcanic landscapes in horses. As such, you will not only meet other holidaymakers doing the same but also interact with locals in their natural villages.

From this, you will get an opportunity to learn more about their rich history, especially where their unique ponies came from and how they have evolved to adapt to the cold climate.

Smart Horses

As soon as you get onto the back of an Icelandic horse and start off, you will notice something unique about them. They do not need a lot of energy to control because they have a natural gait. They just know how to give you an epic tour without too much effort.

According to this professional Icelandic tour website,, the horses are adapted to the region and their inherent behavior fits everything perfectly. The way they walk, gallop, and trot are just what you need to enjoy an Icelandic tour.

Destinations to Visit

When choosing an Icelandic tour by horse, you will realize that there are numerous destinations and organized tours to choose from. You will be spoilt for choices. However, you can try one or a few of the following common destinations.

  • Sheep roundup in Southern Iceland – As mentioned, locals use horses a lot in their activities. In this case, they control the sheep as they wander in the mountains in what is called a sheep roundup. Visitors come here to witness this incredible activity, especially during summer, and even participate in the sheep roundup.
  • Visiting one of the many horse farms – There are numerous horse farms spread across different parts of Iceland. They offer horseback riding tours, interaction with locals, and even a meal to wind up the tour. As you do this, the tour guide narrates the history of the country and everything else that you need to know.
  • Löngufjörur beach tour – One of the main reasons why people visit Iceland is to ride horses along the yellow beaches. According to information from the government, it is one of the busiest beaches in the country. The horses just know how to give you a wet and memorable ride.

Final Word

Well, there are all of the good reasons why your Icelandic tour deserves a horse riding activity. Although there are numerous other options, this is what the country is best known for.

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