A Guide To Coping With Houston Traffic – Make Your Commute More Comfortable

A Guide To Coping With Houston Traffic – Make Your Commute More Comfortable

Even for the most experienced drivers and car lovers out there, commuting is full of annoyances and stressful scenarios, most notably heavy traffic. Large cities commonly experience unexpected traffic jams due to road works, construction and countless other issues, and Houston is no exception. As one of the largest cities in the USA, it’s understandable that traffic would be unavoidable. When you have to commute to and from the city nearly everyday, however, you’ll want to develop some expert knowledge of the roads around the place to identify the best routes and best times to use them, helping you to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Leave Early Or Late

The chances are, your place of work will understand the importance of flexible working hours, especially in a busy city. However, if that’s not the case, it may be worth making sure you beat the traffic by getting to work earlier than usual. You may end up staying a bit longer than usual, but it’s worth it to avoid being late after getting stuck in traffic, especially if it’s happening everyday. However, if your team understands the challenges of Houston’s roads, it may be worth arranging a later start so you can calmly and safely commute to the office and leave a bit later to make up for it.

Be Prepared

Of course, you’re not always going to avoid the traffic unless you’re very lucky. In the case of sitting for what can feel like a lifetime in a traffic jam, it’s worth being prepared. The best thing for these situations is just having the most comfortable and reliable car possible. A comfy SUV for example, can really help to negate the stressful stop and start of a jam. Visit EchoPark, a used car dealership in Houston to find your ideal car for your commutes, while also saving a bit of cash by choosing a second-hand car instead of a brand-new vehicle. As well as getting a new set of wheels, you’ll want to prepare yourself with water and food just in case you’re stuck in traffic for an excessive amount of time.

Make Use Of Tech

Ideally, you’ll want to avoid this situation as much as possible. Try to always make the best use of navigation tech, whether in-built in your new car, or via your smartphone. There are many apps out there to help you avoid slow traffic caused by roadworks and accidents. Of course, it’s illegal to actively use your phone while driving so make sure you’re not getting distracted by it during your commute as you’re at risk of causing an accident.

Learn Your Routes

This will happen overtime, but it’s worth spending some time getting to know alternative routes around the city so that you can make some quick, educated decisions to avoid slowing traffic without the need to be directed by technology, in the event that you don’t have it to hand. Being able to navigate around the winding city streets away from the freeway is a great skill to have, and while it may seem like a longer and slower route than taking a more direct one, you could end up saving a lot of time in the long run.

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