Best Tourist Attractions in China

Best Tourist Attractions in China

China is an interesting and unique country with the largest population in the entire world. 1.4 billion citizens live there, and the territory is also very large among the biggest ones. A lot of big cities are spread all over the country. Several metropolises have more than 20 million permanent residents, and they are among the largest cities in the entire world.

The Chinese nation has a long history and tradition that dates back to the distant past. The big territory also provides various natural beauties in different regions of the country. Such characteristics support China’s popularity. It is an excellent tourist destination and indeed one of the top travel locations. Millions of foreign travelers visit the country on a yearly basis, and they often want to explore different things. The historical objects and monuments usually attract the strong interest of such visitors.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China (pictured above) is, for example, the most popular attraction in the entire country and one of the most popular in the whole world. The structure was built 2,700 by over 100,000 workers. The main intention of the constructor was to protect the Chinese border with the massive wall. It was an insurmountable obstacle for foreign armies so they often decided to withdraw when they came near the wall. The special thing about this structure is its size.

The Wall is the biggest object men have ever developed anywhere in the world. It stretches over many hills and mountains for an average of 21,196 kilometers. The wall is approximately 6 to 7 meters high, and it is very thick too. The top can be used as a sidewalk as well and that’s what tourists often do. Despite its old age, the structure is still in a good shape and construction. It was built in such a massive way that the circulation of time cannot harm it significantly.

The Great Wall is indeed something truly amazing and remarkable. That’s a lifetime travel opportunity no one should miss while in China. It leaves a strong impression on every visitor so that’s a tourist experience no one can forget.

Other Amazing Tourist Objects

Despite the greatness of the structure, it is still just the beginning when it comes to the traveling opportunities in this country. There are many more interesting locations that you have to visit. As mentioned, the country is large so you will probably not have enough time and resources to see all the attractions. However, you can always afford to visit at least several of those.

The Potala Palace in Tibet, the Forbidden City, and Imperial Palace in Beijing, Terracotta Army, Leshan Giant Buddha, Longmen Grottoes, Hanging Monastery, and Zhouzhuang are just some of those attractions. Each of the locations is special and unique in its individual way so they provide a remarkable travel experience. China is a country like no other. The architecture and way of life are a bit different than those in the West so the destination provides a lot of magic and mysticism to the visitors. You can get you Chinese tourist visa from Visa Express

Unforgettable Natural Beauties

As mentioned, natural beauties are also exceptions and different from anything you can see in other countries and regions of the world. Places like Shilin Stone Forest, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Mount Tai, Li River, Reed Flute Cave, and Mount Huang are all providing a strong and unforgettable experience. Nature was very generous while making this area of the world, and tourists now have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of China.

Huge Cities

Big metropolises are, on the other hand, excellent for those who like urban sort of tourism. There are various hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, and bars. You can enjoy, taste traditional Chinese cuisine, and explore the country’s nightlife in some of these. Some of the locations are luxury ones, and they are generally reserved for elite members.

The prices are significantly higher there, but they can provide a special sort of service. If you do not have a high income, then these places might not be an ideal solution for you because you would be unable to cover the costs. Luckily, China is a pretty affordable country, and there are many options available at the destination. That means you can select more affordable possibilities to reduce your potential expenses.

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