Find White Winter Wonders at These Destinations

Going on vacation and traveling often seem to be all about chasing the sun. Everyone looks forward to their summer travels, and when it’s cold at home, they want to seek somewhere warmer when they go away.

Even if you like the sun and warmer weather, they aren’t the only things that make a good vacation. A winter vacation can be a lot of fun too, especially if you love all the opportunities that snow can offer you. If winter is more your season, or even if you like it just as much as summer, there are lots of ways you can enjoy it on your travels. Try out these countries for some of the best experiences.


The US is huge, which means it offers a number of different climates and landscapes to explore. If you prefer warmer weather, you can seek out a warm winter somewhere like Florida or California. However, there are plenty of opportunities for snow vacations too. For those who like a city experience, destinations such as New York are always popular. There are also many places to go skiing or enjoy other winter sports, including Colorado, Utah and several other states. Or you could try a more rural experience and explore some smaller towns or even hide away in a cabin in the wilderness.

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Like the US, Canada is pretty big, but because it’s further north, it doesn’t have such a big range of climates. The good news is that makes it ideal for a winter vacation. People flock to Canada for winter sports, and you can find some of the best ski instructor courses in Canada. Anyone enthusiastic about winter sports should try resorts in British Columbia and Alberta, such as Revelstoke and Whistler in BC or Banff in Alberta. But if skiing and snowboarding aren’t for you, try a city location. Spend your winter vacation in Quebec City or try out Toronto or Vancouver.


Over the last few years, Iceland has exploded as a popular tourist destination, particularly in the winter. One of its main draws is the Northern Lights, which you can also see in a number of other northern countries. It also offers beautiful landscapes, glaciers, interesting culture, and welcoming people. Iceland might be small, but it has a lot to offer to its visitors. It’s also a popular place for people to stop off between North America and Europe.


For some people, the best thing about winter is the Christmas markets. Germany is the home of Christmas markets and a must for anyone who loves them. If the idea of wandering around a market, drinking gluhwein and eating a bratwurst or a pretzel sounds like your kind of vacation, Germany could be right for you. You can also start there and visit a few other European countries for their top Christmas market offerings too.

Summer vacations aren’t the only way to see the world. If you prefer things a bit cooler, you can find some great winter adventures too.

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