The Southern Hemisphere: Places Where The Tourists Don’t Go

The Southern Hemisphere: Places Where The Tourists Don't Go

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A life well lived is a precious gift. A life well-travelled is just as important. Getting on the road and seeing the world helps you to see things you would never usually see. When most people think about traveling the world, their mind will go to the usual tourist stops, from London to Milan to Paris and New York. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you really want to get out and see what the world has to offer, then I think you need to see the places that don’t normally get much of a look in from the tourist perspective.

Franz Josef, New Zealand

Now, I thought I’d get this in because as much as people say they’d love to visit New Zealand they never really do because there are bigger priorities on their list. But as a place of outstanding natural beauty, you can’t go far wrong. The jagged mountains, the fiords, the endless rivers, lakes full to the brim with trout, this place has to be seen to be believed. And of course, all the surfing you can physically do. There are New Zealand tours of the coastal regions, where you can do adventure sports like “tramping” and even skiing. It’s not a big place, but that just means you get to take in as much as you possibly can before you leave.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For a party, from beginning to end, get yourself to Ipanema Beach and soak in the sun, sand, and so laid back residents! Rio is hot, like, 38 degrees C hot, so if you burn easily, be careful! While the city of Rio is a picture of immense heat and parties, the real charm is its laid back attitude to life, which will rub off on you no doubt! There’s not really much to explore apart from wonderful beaches, glorious nightlife and partying from dusk until dawn!

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Australia’s third largest island, it’s a feast for the eyes when it comes to wildlife. Just off the coast of Adelaide, it is home to plenty of wildlife in their natural habitat, from koalas, wallabies, and of course, the kangaroo. On the island, you’ve got Flinders Chase National Park, with campsites and hiking trails going across beatific beaches, rivers, and even eucalyptus trees. There’s also night tours where you can see small penguins in their element, and if you venture off the beaten track, there are farmers selling fresh produce, cheese makers, and wineries.

Bali & Lombok, Indonesia

If you’re looking for somewhere that has more marine life than the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia is for you. The channel that goes between Bali and Lombok Island contains such wonders as sea turtles, reef sharks, and Napoleon wrasse. The channel between Bali and Lombok is the divide between South East Asia and Australasia. As an embodiment of what the southern hemisphere has to offer, these destinations are really what the world is about for me. Breathtaking views and a real variety of life!

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