Hop onto the fanciest day trips from Pula

Croatia is a country blessed with a rugged coastline giving it the title of being the largest shore along the Mediterranean Sea. The heartbeat of this majestic country is a tourist haven by the name Pula which is located in the northern peninsular bordering Italy.

Pula is Istria’s largest city rich in history and architecture dating back from 27AD. Pula is well-known for its awesome climate, pristine sandy seas and unspoiled nature. The city’s turquoise water of the Adriatic has made the city an internationally popular summer vacation destination.

Hop onto the fanciest day trips from Pula

Many tourists are spoilt for choice between the different cities to visit while on tour. This is where day trips come into play. Day trips are incredible for giving tourists golden opportunities to visit plenty of areas at proximity within a short period of time.

The top 5 must-do day trips from Pula are highlighted as below…


One of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Pula is Venice. It’s without a doubt, one of the most famous cities in the world. This little charming city in the northern part of Italy is set on canals and waterways. The easiest way to get to Venice from Pula is definitely via the Venice Pula ferry. The ferry trip would take roughly three hours fifteen minutes.

Venice is home to some fulfilling and magical experiences that you cannot get from anywhere else in the world. This destination is best known for its incredible beauty, art and architecture. A fun fact to note is that many famous people that made history were born in Venice including the world-known explorer Marco Polo, playwright Giacomo Casanova and composer Antonio Vivaldi.


Istria is a must-visit destination from Pula for all the tourists visiting the region. It’s the largest peninsula in Croatia that attracts a lot of tourists from all corners of the globe. It’s not very far off from Pula and a day trip id recommended. The opulent culture of the Istria people coupled up with buildings from almost every cultural era, famous being the Roman amphitheater in Pula. The historic towns offer a memorable trip to a tourist as they explore the medieval hilltop villages.


Another favorable day trip from Pula should be to the Prosecco region. It will take roughly an hour’s drive, however, is you like a smooth journey over the seas, then take the ferry to the vineyards and taste this magical bubbly drink. At the valley, you will learn about how the wine is made from sowing to picking the perfect grapes. The fermenting and bottling process is still done on-site. While on tour, you will get the chance to go round the well-stocked wine cellars and lunch is normally on the house.


The Venice Lido is where you go when you want to bake in the sun. There is no direct connection from Pula to Venice Lido, however, you can hop onto a ferry from Venice then hop on another ferry to Lido. If lounging, swimming, tanning and downing cocktails are your vice; this then is the day trip for you. There are bikes for hire that you can cycle around the lagoon from where you can easily spot the impressive fortress of Murazzi.


Trieste is one worthy day trip for tourists interested in learning about history and culture. Trieste is around 128kms from Pula and a ferry ride takes around two hours and forty-five minutes. It’s an underrated spot but the elegance and the cultural activities offered in this place are just amazing. Its complex history dates from 1954 and has attracted a lot of tourists from all over the world. The town is like no other in northern Italy, there are plenty of castles with a myriad of roads crisscrossing the streets.

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