Tips For Visiting Greece For The First Time

Tips For Visiting Greece For The First Time

Greece is by far and away one of my favorite countries in Europe. Every time that I am there I seem to discover something new and something else to fall in love with about the country. If this is going to be your first time visiting Greece then prepare yourself for a truly wonderful vacation which will last long in the memory.

Greece for me feels different than any other European country, perhaps being closest to somewhere like Turkey, but still keeping a certain unique air about it. To help you get the most of your vacation to Greece, here are some tips for first time visitors.

Pick Your Spot

The Greek islands are the most visited areas of Greece and they provide plenty for tourists of all kinds. It is important however to pick what type of vacation you are looking for before you book. The reason I say this is that many of the islands have dedicated party zones, which differ greatly from other areas of the island.

For example, Corfu can be a great place to enjoy a family vacation, but if you choose to stay somewhere like Faliraki then you are going to be in one of Europe’s party capitals, which may put a dent in your fun.

Stay in Hotels

There are many options for accommodation when you stay in Greece from private rentals to home-stays, but my advice would be to stay in a hotel. The service in Greece is outstanding and their attention to detail and understanding of what customers want is unlike anywhere that I have visited.

I’m all for staying in different types of accommodation but here in Greece I love hotel stays. Recently I stayed in a a gorgeous hotel in Mykonos and if you are heading there check out this site

Try Every Food

Greece has really kept its traditional cuisine and whilst there are influences from around the world, Greek food can be found everywhere. I have not found a single dish which I didn’t enjoy here and the way that they blend local spices and herbs with freshly caught fish or meat, not to mention the delicious cheese and olives, is absolutely spectacular.

If you haven’t heard of something before, give it a try and I have no doubt you are going to love it.

Learn a Word or Two

Prior to my first trip to Greece I learned how to say hello and goodbye (yasas/yasoo) as well as thank you and please (efharisto and parakaloume) and they really helped me out. English is spoken almost everywhere but there is nothing like a little bit of local lingo to make the locals warm to you easier. I try to do this wherever I go but the reaction from the Greeks was far more positive than anywhere else that I have tried it.

Enjoy your trip, indulge in everything that you can and I have no doubt that you are going to love this country like I do.

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