I’m going to let my underwear Shine

Here we go again with another awkward undies review.

That’s right. Shinesty offered me even more swag and I said “yes, yes! A thousand times yes!”

Can you blame me? Underwear is expensive, and Shinesty underwear is the bomb (do the kids still say that? I sure hope I’m not showing my advanced age). Besides, I have two young children to dress in cute Christmas gear now…

Shinesty Christmas outfits

Don’t they just look adorable? [Note to self: turn comments off on this post, so no-one can troll me or my kids.]

Like the undies (not pictured, so you’ll have to use your imagination 😉), these awesome Shinesty Christmas pajamas are quality, form-fitting, and 100% cotton, so they’re breathable. That’s really important because it’s summer here in New Zealand. I don’t want to be uncomfortable and my kids don’t want to swelter in their beds.

My wife got a matching Christmas outfit and she had no complaints, either. In fact, she wore hers out in public, to my son’s daycare Christmas party, and got so many nice compliments.

Imagine the compliments we would have gotten if we were decked out in one of these Shinesty party suits.

Shinesty Christmas PJs

I know Christmas is already over, and Shinesty could well be annoyed at me that I didn’t get this unconventional review up earlier, but I’m a really busy dad now, and it’ll be Christmas again in another 12 months.

This blog post won’t be going anywhere… and neither will my kids’ Christmas outfits, because we’re going to pretend that it’s always Christmas.

Sure, they might get mocked by their peers when they’re older, and it’s going to cost me a bomb having to buy them presents all the time, but I seriously can’t get enough Christmas carols. Only joking. Christmas carols are the absolute worst.

But Shinesty undies aren’t; they’re great! Honestly. I would say that even if I wasn’t sucking up to them so they’ll please send me more… pretty please?

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