Lockdown Dreamin’: Where To Go When It’s All Over

Right now, the world seems a little stuck, doesn’t it? All of the pandemic rules are up and down and lockdowns are still happening, which means that all of those dreams and plans for travel flew out of the window. The thing is, the current rules don’t stop you from daydreaming!

There is a whole world out there and just because you can’t travel it right now, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to once the lockdowns are lifted. Sometimes, you need a little inspiration and that can mean that you have a list of places to tick off the moment you can start booking flight tickets again.

With this in mind, we’re going to talk through where you should go when it’s all over. Put your sandals on and kick those feet up – it’s time to dream!

Lockdown Dreamin': Where To Go When It's All Over

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  • There are so many cities, beach locations and country areas to visit that you could lose yourself in France for years. The apartments along the rivers, the Eiffel Tower, the food – there is so much to love in France that you will always find somewhere to unwind and immerse yourself. The culture and language opportunities are often richer than you expect, and you can feel the love and romance from the moment you land.
  • Sun, sea, sand and so many islands, Greece should absolutely be on your list. The beaches of Corfu and the Mykonos villas are calling for you to book in and relax. Greece has ancient cities and a thick history of Gods, games and architecture. The sunsets alone are to die for, and when you’ve been stuck looking at the same four walls of your home for months, Greece is a welcome change. Whether you choose a beach break or a spa week, you can find something amazing to enjoy in Greece. Relax, unwind and rejuvenate here and do it with enough sunscreen – you’ll need it!
  • The land of the green and gold, Ireland has some of the most breathtaking cities, country and beaches around and while you may associate Ireland with Guinness and potatoes, it’s so much more than that. Take a road trip or tour the museums – no matter where you go you’ll be welcomed with open arms There’s – surprisingly – restaurants with some of the tastiest seafood around, wonderfully welcoming people and of course, famous Guinness that is simply to die for.
  • Ah, the country associated with love, religion and history. There is so much to see in Italy that you will be spoilt for choice. You can either put the cities or the beaches on your list – or both – as Italy has it all. One thing that you need to add, though, which is non-negotiable, is authentic Italian pizza. At least once in life, you need to eat a proper Italian pizza made by expert chefs.

You need a focus to get you through the tail-end of this pandemic and 2021 is a New Year full of hope and excitement for travel to commence once again.

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