Kicking Back in Kenya

Kicking back in KenyaImage Source

Kenya remains one of Africa’s most popular travel destinations. If you’re looking for a taste of this great continent, this country has everything from historic cultural sights, impressive wildlife, picturesque scenery, great food and even some notable tourist beaches. Here are some of the top activities that tourists in Kenya should try.

Go shopping in Nairobi

Kenya’s capital is a vibrant place for experiencing the urban life. There are huge malls for urban shopping such as Westgate Shopping Mall and The Junction Mall and local bazaars for buying local crafts, artwork and ethnic relics. Nairobi has regular art exhibitions, festivals and street entertainment. There are also many great places to dine out such as the scenic Tin Roof Café. Nairobi does have a notoriety for pickpockets and muggings (it’s been nicknamed Nai-robbery) so it’s best to always explore in a group if you can rather than solo.

Kicking back in KenyaImage Source

Explore the museums of Mombasa

The city of Mombasa was a colonial centrepoint in centuries past and there remains many examples of old Portuguese architecture. Fort Jesus was an important transit point in the slave trade and a popular stop amongst seafarers that has since been turned into a museum. This is a great place for soaking up the country’s history. Meanwhile, The Rabai Museum – Kenya’s first Christian church – is another must-see.

Set off on a safari

Kenya has many national parks in which you can go on organised safari tours. Here you may be able to see everything from wild elephants to zebras. Go to Masai Mara National Reserve and you may be able to see herds of wildebeest and even visit Maasai villages. Head to Amboseli meanwhile and you drive across plains with the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro in the backdrop. There are plenty of tours availability all including different itineraries. Be wary of dodgy safari ticket touts – you should go through the hotel staff or book online if possible.

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Watch turtles hatch in Watamu

Watamu is a great place to watch turtle hatchlings make their way to the sea. Trusts such as the Watamu Turtle Watch are dedicated to conserving these rare and beautiful creatures and you can go a visit them to see their rescue and rehabilitation process. Watamu sports many luxury resorts and is famous for its beaches and other rare wildlife.

Gel with giraffes

Few countries in the world are as excellent for seeing giraffes as Kenya. On top of the chance to see them on safari, there are many giraffe centres that focus on rehabilitating these creatures where you can get up close and personal. And then there’s Giraffe Manor – one of the most unique hotels in the world sporting several rare Rothschild Giraffes which you can feed whilst having breakfast. This manor is located on the outskirts of Nairobi making it the perfect trip to combine with a tour of the city sights.

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