Tenerife: Do’s and Don’ts

Tenerife: Do’s and Don’ts

Tenerife, the main island of the Canary archipelago, is considered the most popular destination for European tourists. And it’s not accidental because in the Canary Islands there is good weather all year round, besides, once you arrive here, you will feel that you will return here again. The Canary relaxation is such a special state of mind when you are not in a hurry, you feel absolute dimensionality, zen, slowness. You start doing tomorrow what you can do today. And this condition is very contagious. Living on the island, you integrate automatically into the Canary lifestyle.

Do not miss a chance to:

  • This is the main rule! It distinguishes a local resident from all tourists who are always in a hurry, are afraid not to have time to see the island, skip a tour or not go to a fish restaurant. Tranquila!
  • Take pleasure on a secret beach without a lot of tourists. Local people like to spend time on the small beaches in the south or on the beautiful northern beaches: to swim, jump from the pier, sunbathe topless and make picnics. They take a mini-fridge with beer and home-made wine, sandwiches and music. Try to visit El Poris and Alcala in the south, Radazul and Mesa del Mar in the north.
  • Drink barraquito in foggy weather in the mountains (Vilaflor, La Esperanza or in the vicinity of Teide).
  • Take a trip to El Socorro. SokOrro in Spanish means “help”. Such a risky name does not scare fans of thrill. Someone comes here to ride, someone likes to watch from the side, and others just love this beach for the absence of slow tourists and for native Canary sand. After all, yellow nonvolcanic sand is specially brought for holidaymakers on many beaches.
  • Participate in the regatta. The island is full of yachts and catamarans, which carry out the regatta for all lovers of sailing.
  • Go to Almaziga (better with a tent) and eat an octopus in the restaurant El Fronton in nearby Beniho.
  • Try French cuisine in the Historias Para No Dormir restaurant in Toborno. It is not easy to get there: the place works strictly from Thursday to Sunday, the table can be booked either at 1 p.m., or at 3 p.m.
  • Visit Romeria, Carnival or any other fiesta. A lot of fun is guaranteed!
  • Take a walk around the ancient La Laguna. The city lies in the lowland, where once there was a lake, so there is a unique climate situation: the low temperature holds almost all year round, although in the nearby Santa Cruz it is much warmer.
  • Look at the stars in the Teide National Park.
  • Swim in the natural pools that are located on the north coast of the island.
  • Go to the neighboring islands if you have enough time. Fuerteventura has beautiful beaches with white sand and blue water, and Lanzarote is a surfer’s paradise and has Canary architecture (white houses with blue or green windows).

Things we do not recommend:

  • Stay in the tourist areas from Los Cristianos to Adeje. Real Canary Islands are outside tourist areas.
  • Forget to take warm clothes, the weather can change very quickly. In addition, it is often chilly out in the mountains.
  • Eat in tourist places (where the menu is in all languages), especially in fish restaurants. Otherwise, you risk remaining unhappy with eating, service, and prices.
  • Neglect sunscreen, because the islands are near the Equator, and the sun is very active and dangerous here.
  • Forget to take the wetsuit if you are going to surf or kite. In winter, it is better to take a thicker one, and in the summer, there will be enough a usual one.
  • Order excursions in the “barkers”, you risk disappointing and not seeing a true island.
  • And, of course, forget to take more memory cards, Tenerife is generous with landscapes!

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