Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner In France

Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner In France

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If you’re looking for the perfect getaway with your partner this year, you must visit France. It is a beautiful country for couples to visit at all times of the year and a great way to spark your romance. A recent study found that 62% of couples made love every day on their first trip abroad together. There are many things to do with your partner when you visit France, whether visiting major landmarks or heading out into the countryside for the perfect relaxation. Here are some romantic things you can do together in France.

Enjoy French cuisine together

Food, travel, and romance are the holy trifecta- and France has it all. There’s no other way to explore France than its delicious culinary culture. Food has a unique way of connecting people, so it’s the perfect opportunity to deepen your bond with your partner. Now, there are various ways that you can have a taste of France. A popular way for travellers to get a taste of a city is through food tours. These tours allow you to sample local dishes without spending time and money hopping from restaurant to restaurant. Plus, you and your partner will have the perfect opportunity to see more of what France offers and learn more about its beautiful and impressive culture. 

If you’re making a stop in France’s capital, check out a selection of Paris food tours to enjoy the best foods the city has to offer. Then you can expand your tour into other regions and towns to see what this beautiful country offers.

Go on an evening cruise on the Seine

If it’s the romance you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with a romantic boat ride on the Seine River. You can enjoy the lovely breeze and beautiful lights of some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, as you and your partner enjoy a lovely dinner. You’ll end your date feeling much closer to your partner than before. 

You can also go on a day cruise, which is equally fun, especially regarding the views. However, to fully achieve that romance theme, it would be better to make it a fun night out. It’s perfect if you’re considering popping that question during your trip. 

Have a countryside getaway

Sure, there are many romantic things to do in Paris with your partner. But if you’re looking for a truly romantic holiday, you might want to head into the countryside for some downtime and enjoy France at a much calmer pace. 

So many gorgeous villages and towns await you to visit and discover what they offer. You can visit Epernay, one of France’s major champagne towns. Some of the world’s most popular champagne houses are based in Epernay. If you and your partner feel particularly fancy, you can visit those locations and sample the best champagnes.

Planning a romantic trip to France is fun and exciting. Go in with an open mind and allow yourselves to enjoy all the country offers. You will return home more in love than ever.

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