Skills You Need to Know as a Survivalist

Whether you’re a seasoned survivalist or you’re about to head on your very first survivalism trip, there are several important skills you need to possess. 

Survivalism is a very unique and challenging way to live but offers high rewards. Learning how to survive in the wild enables you to hone in on skills and knowledge that can translate into other areas of your life and might even save your life one day. 

Some of the skills you learn when discovering the world of survivalism can improve your athletic performance in the gym, your ability to ration and organise your belongings in times of need, and your ability to prepare for the unexpected. 

Below, we have covered some key skills you need to know as a survivalist. 

Hunting and Preparing Food

When you’re surviving in the wild and living exclusively off Earth’s natural resources, you will need to find and prepare your own food. For most survivalists, this means hunting wild animals and learning how to skin, prepare, cook, and store them properly. 

You will need to learn about the process of skinning a bear, rabbit, or deer, preparing the meat safely, and cooking each type of meat appropriately to avoid food poisoning. You will, therefore, need to which hunting items are best for killing and skinning your animals of choice. You’ll also need to learn how to track animals effectively so you can find them and capture them easily.

Basic First Aid Skills

Basic first aid knowledge is essential for staying healthy when you’re a survivalist. You should learn how to dress wounds, treat burns, and attend to minor injuries so you can prevent them from worsening or getting infected whilst you’re in the outdoors. 

Another key first aid skill to own is the ability to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) so you can respond in a medical emergency when you’re on a survivalist trip with other people.

Space Efficiency

Just as you need to learn how to pack your clothes for travel when you’re going on holiday, you also need to learn how to pack the essentials for a survivalist trip in the wilderness. More specifically, you will need to develop the skill of space efficiency when packing your bags.

As a survivalist in the great outdoors, you will carry your bags around with you everywhere you go. Being efficient with the items you take with you on a survivalist trip ensures that your bag is as light and easy to carry as possible, reducing the risk of fatigue and injuries as you’re travelling around your chosen outdoor location.


Being outdoors in the wild by yourself carries a risk of being attacked by animals or other humans. Learning basic self-defence is vital for protecting yourself and avoiding any serious injuries when you’re on a survivalism trip. Consider training in martial arts and learning important self-protection movements that you can use if necessary.

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