Top reasons to visit Antalya

Top reasons to visit Antalya

There is no doubt that Turkey is blessed with many beautiful sites. It’s fascinating history, rich culture, kind people and many other things has made people fall in love with the country. However, there are a few cities that often take the credit the most and people end up visiting these places only. They often forget the fact that any country is more than just a few cities. Turkey is more than Istanbul and Ankara.

Antalya is one of those places that stay lesser-known in Turkey but has a lot more than anyone can imagine. But of course, this bit doesn’t make convince you enough to make a visit to Antalya so here we are sharing top reasons that why should you visit Antalya or book Antalya packages.

1. Exotic Beaches

Beaches are something that defines Antalya. There are a lot of beaches in Antalya that you should visit. The fact that the city is one of the lesser-known ones, the beaches are cleaner and way serene than most of the beach destinations you would have visited. There may be a few overcrowded beaches, but now lacks beauty and serene ambiance. A few of the beaches that you must visit include Kleopatra Beach, Patara, and Konyatti.

2. 2000 years of History and ruins

Well, the entire country of Turkey is known for possessing a history that is centuries old and this has fascinated tourist from all parts of the world to visit here. Antalya in precise is in possession of ruins that is 2000 years old. Olympos, the ancient city is one of the ruins that still is breathing in the spirit of the past. You can also take a trip to Greco-Roman ruins, Myra, Xanthos, and Arykanda.

3. Experiencing the untouched village life

Village life is something that people often crave to feel and experience, but the expansion of the urbanization in a fast pace often makes them not to feel the same. However, there are still few countries that have kept their village life alive and intact and Turkey happens to be one of them. When you are visiting Antalya, there are many villages that are located nearby which you can visit and must visit to feel how village life actually feels.

4. Lip-smacking food

Turkey is a heaven of food lovers, and every region and city in the country has its own patent and traditional food so does Antalya. When visiting Antalya, you cannot just skip from tasting some amazing food items that you certainly will taste nowhere else in the world. Make sure to try out their Turkish Breakfast, meze, and frilled fish which is their specialty. You should visit their bazaars where you can find a lot more to taste. Turkish tea is something you shouldn’t miss from the tasting.

Antalya is a place of wonders, right from the beaches to historical monuments to ruins, to food, and to village lives, everything about Antalya is mesmerizing.

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